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What to Know About 5G Technology

Lamar Russell/ April 3, 2019/ 5G

5G is just around the corner. Unfortunately, most people are not sure what it is or why it is needed. The truth is that 5G means a lot of things. Therefore, depending on whom you ask, you are likely to get different answers. This was the same case with 4G. You should note that they are all marketing terms and real technologies.

Ideally, 5G is the upcoming generation of mobile networks. It is meant to enhance your 4G service, but after some time, there will be 5G-only devices and networks. With this technology, you will enjoy faster network speeds. Probably, you have already seen some network carriers trying 5G for evaluation and testing.


dataHow it Works

There is a need to learn how 5G works. There are different specifics, which you will learn in this post. As noted above 5G is bound to replace 4G LTE connection eventually. Thus, you will enjoy faster upload and download speeds. Latency is the time a device takes to communicate with another in a wireless network. It will also reduce latency.

You should note that 5G, unlike 4G, will operate in three spectrum bands. Although this does not appear to be important, it is likely to affect your daily use. Low-band spectrum is simply a sub 1GHz spectrum. It is the spectrum that is used by the carriers for LTE, and it is getting depleted at a high rate. This type of spectrum will offer a great penetration and coverage area. However, the peak data speeds are likely to top out about 100 Mbps.

Mid-band spectrum is bound to offer lower latency and faster coverage. However, it cannot penetrate buildings. You can expect the peak speeds of up to 1 Gbps. Some technologies such as beamforming are used to improve the 5G service on this spectrum. In this case, a single signal is focused on another signal and systems use it to monitor different users to create a consistent signal.

There is also a high-band spectrum. This is what most users refer to as 5G. It is also known as mmWave. This can deliver speeds up to 10 Gbps and minimal latency. The main drawback is the low coverage area and poor building penetration.

5G Uses

Improved Broadband

By shifting to 5G, it is bound to change how we interact with the technology daily. However, it has serious uses. It can be a necessity if we are bound to continue using mobile broadband. 5G will add large amounts of spectrum in the bands that are yet to be utilized for commercial traffic.

Autonomous Vehicles

With the deployment of 5G across the different cities, you should expect to see an increase in autonomous vehicles. It will become possible for vehicles to communicate with other vehicles on the road. Also, it will provide information to other vehicles concerning road conditions and offer performance information to the automakers and drives. For instance, if the brakes of the vehicle ahead are applied, your car will equally brake immediately as well. In this way, they prevent the collision.…