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Common Features of the Best Apps

Dolores Marchant/ December 4, 2020/ Android

When we talk of applications (apps) , we refer to various software that enable us to perform tasks either on computers or mobile devices, like smartphones. You use apps every day, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other apps like games, utility apps, etc. You may check out here some fantastic android apps for PC that could make your life easier and more exciting. This article will look at some of the common features of all great apps.

Easy to Use

easy to use appsAll great and successful apps are super easy to use and need no external guide to use them. The makers of all these great apps design them with users’ extreme navigation possibilities in mind and present the users with the vital things straight on their way for a more fabulous user experience. They ensure you feel the best as you use the app. On the other hand, the apps that flop are usually complicated and not user friendly.

A good example is Facebook versus MySpace, where Facebook is so easy to use, making it more popular, but MySpace is less popular due to its complexity. Any app that you can use with little or no struggle will most likely be on your phone or PC. If you think of familiar apps like Uber, Facebook, and others, they are used by all people, whether literate or illiterate, due to their simplicity, making them so successful.

Generate Income or Make Businesses

generate incomeIf you check keenly, you will realize most, if not all, successful apps make business. Take Airbnb and Uber, and you will see that they are not just apps but huge companies raking billion dollars. The apps are sources of livelihoods for a considerable portion of the human population, thus make massive businesses. Even when you consider Facebook, it is itself a mega-company, and the entire social media is built around it. The industry has seen the emergence of many companies offering millions of earning opportunities.

Solve Certain Problems

The apps that have stood the test of time and have received worldwide acceptance came to solve specific problems. If you look at an app like WhatsApp, its developers sought to improve communication, and it improved the connection hence its popularity. Also, Zomato was created to help users quickly find restaurants near them. The reality is that all successful apps serve some purpose or seek to fulfill some motive. Any app without a real solution to offer die soon after its launch.…