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Choosing the Right Iphone Repair Expert

Lamar Russell/ July 24, 2019/ Gadgets

It is a well-known fact that an iPhone is one of the best and most sophisticated phones that exist today. It comes stocked with some amazing features that will take some time to learn. With such sophistication, it means that not so many people will have the skills to repair one in case it breaks down and hence the need to get quality iPhone repair experts. It is quite hard to get someone with the right skills to repair such a phone and restore it to its original state.

If you are searching for a good iPhone repair center, you need to look for one with a good reputation and success in repairing these devices. Before entrusting your precious iPhone to a repair center, ensure that they can be trusted to give good quality work. Below are some guidelines that should help you land a good iPhone repair center.



If you want to get a good repair center, ensure to hire the one that specializes in your area of need. For instance, if you are having issues with your screen and you need to replace it, be sure to visit a shop that deals with purely screen repair and replacement. Alternatively, you can choose the one that deals with all sorts of problems about iPhone gadgets. Such level of specialization is good in that it ensures that the experts have dealt with the problem for long enough to the extent of perfecting their solutions. This means that they are likely to offer you quality services.


Level of Service

Other than good service, it is also good to think about the level of services offered. Since a company will provide you with good service in repairing your iPhone, there are other aspects of service that you will need to think about like the duration of service. Phones are necessities today, which means that you cannot do without one. So other than getting what you need, you need to ask about how long it will take before you get it. A good service provider is the one who offers quality service in no time at all.



A good service center for iPhones is one in which the prices are reasonable. No matter how good the service might be, if the prices are limiting, the clients will not walk into that center. A good service center is the one that offers services at reasonable prices that people can afford. The prices charged should be relatable to what is being offered in the market. As a client, it is not always true that people who charge more for their services offer the best services. Most of them are out to make a kill on unsuspecting people with iPhone repair needs.

These are just a few ideas that can help you make a more informed decision on where to have your iPhone repaired. Take time to look at the options before you and pick the most appealing one.…

Factors to Consider When Buying a Drone

Lamar Russell/ May 20, 2019/ Gadgets

Consumer drones are a bit difficult to categorize. In most cases, they are classified according to their price. Usually, high-end models cost thousands of dollars. If you are a beginner, you should go for basic models that cost a few hundred dollars. For instance, you can get the best drone. Although the technical aspects of the drone are not as complicated as those of a smartphone, you will have to consider some factors before buying one. The following are some of the features to look for in a good drone.


It is advisable to spend a few dollars or more and choose a drone with the brushless motor. The good thing about these motors is that they are faster, quicker, and smoother. Also, they last longer as compared to other types of motors.


drone flyingYou need to take into account the quality of footage your drone will deliver. It is advisable to get drones that come with a gimbal that helps keep the recorders steady even when your drones are moving around in strong winds. If you want to record professional footage, you should get a drone with built-in storage for videos.

Flight Time

The flight time of a drone is estimated to be between 10 and 30 minutes. In fact, high-end models will offer you a flight time of more than 30 minutes before changing the battery. Thus, you should go for the best drone type that can offer you extended flight time.


It is advisable to get drones that come with a GPS. This is an important feature that makes the machine hover over a place. Also, the feature can allow you to land the copter in any place by pressing a single button.

Live Transmission

drone photographyIt is important to note that not all the drones can allow you to transmit video live on the remote control or phone. This is an important feature that is known as an FPV or first-person view. You will need to go for this given feature if the copter is filming in the air. Remember that the machines will cost you more. Thus, there is a need to budget accordingly.

Protection and Upkeep

Before buying a drone, you need to ensure that the cost of parts is affordable. Also, it should be strong enough to withstand hard crashes. This is the case if you are purchasing a drone for your kids. If parts are expensive, then you may spend a lot of money on replacements.…

Three Vintage Gadgets That Have Made a Comeback

Lamar Russell/ May 4, 2019/ Gadgets, Technology

Technological development does not always mean abandoning the past. In fact, the more practical and efficient our modern culture is, the more romanticized the things from the past are. The gadgets we used to have in the 90s have now become collectible artifacts. For instance, cassettes certainly do not store songs as many as flash drives do, but there is an exquisite experience that audiophiles find exclusive in that format.

If you are curious about the other technologies that have made a comeback, you have come to the right place! Read below!

1. Cassette Players

sony walkmanAlthough digital formats are diverse and easy to get these days (ranging from WAV, FLAC, WMA, to MP3), cassettes still maintain their relevance. In the heart of music collectors, the feeling of having their tapes collection displayed in their room is priceless and untradeable. An article from cited Official Charts Company’s data, and they show how cassettes sales in the UK doubled in 2018. Still consistent with that statistics, Rappler confirmed to the phenomenon of cassettes making a comeback in the 21st century by examining how the sales were in the US. They found out that sales even reached the highest peak since their fall in the 2000s.

Sony Walkman, Reshow, Jensen, Panasonic, and Aiwa were classic brands of cassette players that were once kings in the market. In fact, if you are a Marvel fan, then you should have noticed the portable player Peter Quill (a.k.a. Star-Lord) possessed was actually a Sony TPS-L2 walkman model.

2. CD Players

cd playerBoth portable and non-portable CD players have also made a comeback. People seem to understand the value of collecting movies, videos, or music albums exactly after the technology has allowed them to enjoy those entertainment formats freely and easily. Having the CDs/DVDs of films like Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek series to be put on display at home is a form of artistic expression itself.

If you want to join the cult, then you should begin to make a list of movies you loved to watch during your childhood. For instance, Back to the Future films are perhaps your favorite if you grow up in the 80s. However, please note that you should browse personal cd player reviews first before you decide to buy one.

3. Nokia 3310

nokia 3310This model was first introduced in the 2000s and became famous for its indestructible quality ever since. Sixteen years later, Nokia 3310 made its return as a meme circulating on joke platforms such as 9gag and 4chan and then turned viral. Surprisingly, HMD Global, a new mobile company caught the fuzz and attempted to profit from it. In 2017, Nokia 3310 made its return to the market. However, this retro-hype seemed to be short-lived since there has no significant news about this product until this article is published.…