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Graphics cards help to convert numbers into images. Nowadays, CPUs come with integrated graphic cards in their system. However, they are good only for text display, windows, and 2D graphics. For gaming, graphic design, or videography, you will require a dedicated graphics card for the job. GPUs are the most costly computer component; hence selecting it requires an extra step to ensure that you buy the perfect fit. Furthermore, there is much to consider from the monitor type to the chassis size.



It can be frustrating to purchase a new graphic card to find out that it is an inch longer. Hence, before buying, ensure that you do your homework thoroughly to find out the physical space in your case. Moreover, get to know the power supply.

It may help understand the watts it is rated for and probably how many pin connectors it can have. Therefore, compare the information with the GPU you want to purchase. Also, remember to check the ports since some use HDMI while other DisplayPort. Ensure that the card has the connectors fitting your monitor; if not, you will incur an extra cost to buy an adapter.


Your computer system will dictate the type of card to buy. As such, get to know the system’s limitations. For instance, if you have an older CPU like Celeron or Pentium, it may be hard to handle a high-end graphics card. Therefore, a mid-range card will match and save you a headache. Furthermore, your display will matter too. In this case, if you intend to operate for 1080p monitors, a mid-range card will not deliver decent framerates in 3D games.

Memory and Bandwidth


It may be unbelievable to learn that it is not always the case that a GPU with bigger memory will perform best. Unless you combine it with ultra-high resolutions, the RAM quantity does not make much of a difference. Besides, almost all high-end cards have high memories by default. Hence, pay attention to the bandwidth. Data that is ready to be processed is stored on the card’s memory known as GDDR3 and GDDR5. Remember, GDDR5 offers twice the bandwidth of GDDR3 performed at the same time. Therefore, you should always select GDDR5 for the best performance.

When it comes to GPU, price usually comes with performance. Therefore, with a good card, you can play recent games at smooth frame rates. However, with a great GPU, you will play those games with higher resolution and achieve high-end creative work. Investing in a good graphics card will give you a capable PC to do your graphics-intensive work. Moreover, it will offer you immersive gaming experience.

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