Lamar Russell/ December 9, 2019/ Technology

new gateSolar-powered games are increasingly becoming popular in the security industry. Solar-powered gates function the same way as the traditional gates. The only difference between these gates is the power source; solar-powered gates use solar energy. Solar-powered gates are not suitable for all homes. You need to install an electric solar gate opener in an area with ample sunlight. For instance, one should ensure that his or her home has unobstructed eight hours of sunshine before installing a solar-powered gate. That said, here are some of the reasons why you should switch from traditional gates to solar power gates.

Low Operation Costs

The immediate advantage of operating a solar-powered gate is the low cost of operation. These gates rely on energy from the sun to open and close, which Mother Nature abundantly supplies. Therefore, you will not need to pay your local electricity supplier a dime for its operations.

Limited Environmental Impact

When you install a solar-powered gate at your home, you cut on the environmental impact. Local electricity suppliers use either nuclear power or burn coal to generate electricity. Both coal-burning and nuclear power sources hurt the environment. Sun rays, on the other hand, are a renewable source of energy, and they do not have any negative impact on the environment. Hence, solar-powered gates have ecological benefits.


Since most people are drifting to solar powered gates, they are slowly becoming inexpensive. The manufacturing costs of photo-voltaic (PV) panels have been reducing considerably in recent years, which are critical to the operation of solar-powered gates. With their prices reducing, the cost of solar-powered is bound to follow suit. These gates are cheaper today than they were a few years panels on a home

Low Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs are a crucial element to consider when choosing a gate. If you install solar-powered gates on your premises, you are likely to cut on maintenance costs largely. Even better, these gates tend to last long, and they are not prone to wear and tear.  

Installing a solar-powered gate is the most intelligent move you can ever make for your home. You do not have to lay a lot of pressure on yourself when it comes to cost since there are a variety of solar-powered gates available in the market. Looking at the facts presented in this article, you should consider making a switch to solar-powered gates.

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