A quick tour of Woobius.

Woobius enables you to transparently regain visibility and control over the work your company does. Thanks to its "simply simple" approach, it greatly reduces the chance of miscommunication and speeds up the collaboration processes, without imposing heavy burdens on its users. Over 7,500 people, drawn from 1,500 companies, are using Woobius on 2,000 projects. Read on to find out why.


Create projects

Instantly create projects

One free project with 200MB storage

More projects and storage once upgraded

Quick, hassle-free uploads

Upload large files (up to 2GB)

Upload many files at once

No need for a special client

Revision tracking

Automatically fills in meta-data

Tracks drawing history

Intuitive revision browser


Invite collaborators

Unlimited companies at no extra charge

Unlimited users at no extra charge

Simple, instant invitation system

Send files

Email a link to download

Files are automatically zipped

Doesn't clog up your inbox

Can email to external users


Detailed audit history

Know exactly what's going on

Track who downloaded what

No misunderstandings about who did what

Project dashboard

One-glance view of project activity

Hyperlinks to new content

Keep track of what's happening


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